Joe Salazar is a representative to Colorado's state house who is a tireless advocate for stopping fracking, protecting civil rights, and advancing criminal justice reform. He won his last election by just 221 votes, and your support will go a long way to helping him win this year. Click here to read Senator Sanders' letter of endorsement.

The following organizations have endorsed/recommended
Representative Joe Salazar

Sierra Club
Rocky Mt Chapter
Nurses Association
One Colorado
American Federation of Teachers
Conservation Colorado
Colorado Education Association
Cease Fire
Recommended by Dist. 12 Educators' Association 

Recommended by Boulder Valley Teachers Association
Teamsters Local Union No. 455
Colorado Trial Lawyers Association
Service Employees International Union
Colorado Wins
Planned Parenthood
Communication Workers of America
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
ATU 1001
Democracy of America
Colorado Optometric Association Small Donor Committee
Colorado Professional Fire Fighters Small Donor Fund
Rx Plus Pharmacies Independent Providers Political Committee
Colorado Credit Unions Political Action Committee
Realtor Candidates Political Action Communities
Realtors Small Donor Committee
United Food & Commercial Workers
Colorado Voters for Animals

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